Why Star Trek Online is going to fail

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I have been looking forward to an online RPG in the Star Trek universe. A few hours ago a so-called gameplay-trailer was released. I’ll try to explain why it dampens my excitement about the game.

Star Trek is a series about diplomacy, international/interplanetary understanding, tolerance, characters and technology. Watching the trailer wowed me – until 0:50 (when the voiceover says „However“). Has STO become a game about war, grinding and collecting points?

The trailer shows STO as an action-game which consists of phasers and enemies. This has rarely been different. Only few games of the Star Trek-Franchise really deserved their names. Most of them was poor and late dash of Star Trek. Most of them could easily be titled „StarCraft: Star Trek Edition“ or „Quake 3: Borg Invasion“.

It makes me sad, that it happens all over again with Star Trek Online.